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Watercolor workshop - Уроки живописи акварелью, December 2010

Watercolor workshop - Уроки живописи акварелью, December 2010

I was teaching a watercolor workshop in the beginning of December. I had amazing group of artists. Some of them are already established artists, some were improving their skills and some were discovering a watercolor as a media.

All of them created wonderful paintings during workshop! It was such a pleasure to have such gifted people in the class!


“I would have to say that your workshop was wonderful! I thought that you were a great teacher, you always made sure that everybody was doing fine, and you made me feel very comfortable! I learned lot, it was a very good experience for me, and one that I will never forget. Keep up on all the good work! I can't wait until the next workshop you do!! “

“Varvara is just wonderful!!! Young, energizing, motivational and inspirational, a wonderful teacher and master!
Very meticulous with everything, even by giving us a list with all that is needed as supplies for us, the apprentices, especially me, as I had no idea about watercolor painting.
Varvara is very knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to share as much as possible, even some “secrets” discovered after her so many year of working in this field. And you know her work, and there will be more to come, I am sure. So we just needed for us to be all eyes and ears to assimilate everything.
She told us and demonstrated to us all the steps required to create a watercolor, from preparing the paper to the way we layer the watercolors, and also the different techniques that can be used to obtain the desired results.
The time was short but we learnt a lot about painting some landscapes. Learnt a few basic elements, learnt about light and color, about tools, and a few other “secrets” of the trade, all depending on the desired art we want to create.
While we were working she checked our progress all the time, and helped our “masterpiece” come alive with some guidance, some brushstrokes of her gifted hand and talent.
She used to say that everybody can paint with watercolors, with the help of a good instructor, and yes, we did.
Do you believe it, or not? One of my “art” is shown, still childish, but promising, with a lot of practice, as she said, that everybody can do better in time with lots of practice.
So if you want to learn more art and painting, Varvara is the best to teach you and guide you on this path. Do not hesitate at all, as you will not regret your decision. You cannot know what you can do, until you try it. (And Varvara is right on this one too.)

THANK YOU, Varvara, thank you very much.”

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